Aia Alia's Chinese cheese (thermomix)

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After adjusting the measure and weight , the new challenge of Aunt Alia Recipes has been very easy and sweet, again I have chosen the sweet recipe.
This Chinese cheese is a very rich heavenly bacon and I have had the good fortune that it has come to me First, I had promised it to my nephew Francis and apparently he liked it a lot.

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Here the original recipe.

Cheese Chinese (thermomix)

250 ml. of water
230 gr. of sugar
1 egg and 5 yolks
Maple syrup to paint the molds

We take the water and the sugar in the glass of the thermomix and we program 15 minutes, temperature varoma, speed 1.
Meanwhile, we paint with maple syrup 3 molds of 9 cm. of diameter.
We pass the syrup to another container and let it temper.
Beat the egg and the yolks in speed 3 and without stopping the machine, we will add the syrup by the mouth until it is well integrated, only they need a few seconds.
We fill the liquid in case there is any remaining egg and we put it in the reserved containers. We cover the molds with kitchen paper and on top with aluminum foil, we place them in the varoma container and program 25 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 1.
We take the molds, uncover them and let them cool a bit before unmolding.

I thought it was so nice so I did not want to decorate it with anything.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAia Alia's Chinese cheese (thermomix)